Welcome to SPACEPAD

Design, Develop, Deliver

We at Spacepad have a design vision that celebrates the character in architecture. Having over 2 decades of experience we implement strong design strategies and specialise in premium conversions across Yorkshire.

In the most desirable of locations, our structures are some of the most successful spaces in Sheffield. Specialising in, new builds, renovations or any commercial projects for private lands. With our team involved in the upcoming furnishing trends with sustainable living in mind. Seamless finishes, solid foundations and our well insulated properties are ready to move straight into and have built in the extras that make your property desirable and eco-efficient.

Our nature is not just build, it is a journey and we want you with us. When you choose to accompany our team, we have skilled design and craftsmanship that means that we can shape your architecture for public use, commercial offices or for private land.  We take what is desired by the client and apply our innovative design strategies to create optimum spaces.  Aiming for vibrant, healthy and show stopping development.

This website showcases some of the recent property new builds in the past 12 months, please take a look and get involved with our friendly team.